NHL 20 Patch Out Now, Here’s What It Does

A new patch has arrived for NHL 20, and it appears to include some notable changes and improvements for gameplay and more.

Starting with gameplay, the update fixes a “rare” issue that could cause the puck to stop completely when shot or passed on the boards. The update also fixes a bug that could cause the goalie to lose the puck when trying to cover it between the legs.

The NHL 20 update also adds new interception logic tuning and improves player head tracking. Defensemen are now smarter, too, as their awareness attribute is improved. Additionally, players can now better intercept passes.

In another bid to improve realism, the NHL 20 patch makes players less balanced and prepared when performing a pivot or skating backwards with the puck. And in what sounds like a welcome update, this new patch changes the tripping penalty system to now only trigger with an increased amount of contact from the stick on the legs or skates.

Moving to presentation, the new NHL 20 update introduces new commentary for the broadcasters and the ability to skip the “Play of the Period” replays that some remarked went on for too long.

The World of CHEL mode sees changes, too, as the Canal rink for EASHL drop-in 3v3 and 6v6 has been removed. And in terms of equipment, the True Dynamic 9 Pro helmet has been added alongside numerous new jerseys such as the Winter Classic jerseys for the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators.

You can visit the EA Sports forums to see a full breakdown of the January 30 NHL 20 patch.

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