Don’t believe everything you read about AirPod sales

We can start this article with a fact: AirPods are incredibly popular. From there though, things start to get a little muddier.

It’s pretty standard for Apple to not disclose sales figures, which means analyst firms have a tough job tracking the company. And one of the latest to put out a report is Strategy Analytics, who have looked at the tech giant’s progress with its true wireless earbuds.

The report claims that Apple sold “nearly 60 million” AirPods in 2019, taking more than a 50 percent share of the global true wireless earbuds market, and raking in 71 percent of its revenue.

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An article by the Yonahp News Agency gave some more specific figures on this. It stated that the Strategy Analytics report said Apple had sold precisely 58.7 million AirPods, giving it a 54.5 percent market share in 2019.

So far, so good, right? Anyone who has spent any time, well, anywhere will have seen a gamut of AirPods, so that 50 percent share feels right on the surface. And it could well be factual too. But — and there’s always a but — there’s also a strong chance Apple’s success is being oversold.