Death Stranding Isn’t Boring, Just Different

Blu3_Berry31m ago

I put about 12 hours into and I am probably gonna drop it. It’s certainly not bad by any means, and I feel that the whole fetch quest from point A to point B is a bit blurred. There’s alot more to it then that.

The core gameplay revolves around you traversing and decide how to get to your destination while overcoming obstacles along the way and make decisions. If there’s lost cargo or material along the way, you must decide if it’s worth carrying it or not as you continue to your destination with your main delivery. If there are Mules or BTs, then deccide on how you want to approach it. Should you take them out or sneak past them? I find myself taking them out as it’s much faster to deal with it.

I find the stealth very inconsistent. I tend to get very frustrated if I somehow get spotted for some reason and it just irritates me. I don’t find any joy when dealing with enemies as it more of an annoyance than being fun. By the time I do reach the destination, I don’t find any satisfaction for fulfillment. I feel nothing except being irritated if I had to deal with Mules or BTs along the way. The traversing don’t seem much of an issue as you can just hold L2 and R2 to maintain your balance, but I do find it dull at times.

I will say this, I certainly had more fun with Death Stranding than RDR2 in terms of traveling. Least in DS, traveling actually forces you to pay attention and plan your routes and be on the lookout for obstacles where-as in RDR2, you’re literally traveling on a horse for 5 minutes to get to the destination on a linear path repeatedly pressing the A/X button.

I love the world, lore, setting, graphics and atmosphere. I wish the music kicked off in-game more often as it don’t occur too often unless there’s a setting I am missing. The core mechanics to me for the traversing, cargo stats, and the ranking system don’t add much to the game for me personally. It feels like it’s there for the sake of realism, but at the same time that’s the CORE gameplay.

Far as the whole social connectivity thing goes, I don’t get a sense of reward and satisfaction with the whole Like system. I actually do see people where they can get addicted to it though because in a way, it’s a reflection of social media in the real world if someone is really addicted to getting attention and tons of Likes. With the ladders and stuff players leave behind, that don’t add anything for me. I instead look at it as of something they could have simply implemented in the game by default instead of relying on players to do the job.

The game isn’t for me, but I really do appreciate it and glad we got something very unique and different. If you have the patience and love the social interaction of helping eachother online, then you may like this game.

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