Days Gone Preview Event Rides into London

Eonjay1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

This is similar to the hosted event that Microsoft just had for Crackdown 3…. in London as well if I remember correctly (with press previews to follow) and a lifted embargo of Next Wednesday.

This is what is gonna happen: The PlayStation community demands quality as this is what we have grown accustomed to. This means that unlike some games that try to float on platform bias, exaggerated exceptions, subscription PR, or flatout lies alone, Days Gone must earn and deserve our respect and be worth playing on its own merit. As interesting as this game looks it has had showing where is was rough around the edges.

We expect those concerns to have been listened to and addressed. We expect polish and a game that looks like it belongs in this generation. If you are a part of WWS you are held to a higher standard. We expect great gameplay loops and a rewarding experience. We do not expect ND level innovative graphics but we do expect the machines we have invested in to be utilized properly.

We will have standards. Don’t mess it up Bend.

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